Tasman 'Wazminator' stephenson

I'm an MKXL player from Sydney, Australia representing Dark Sided! I have been competing since the beginning of 2016 in Mortal Kombat XL and just started venturing out to Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Injustice 2. Catch me streaming fighting games every other night on Twitch!
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Ellesha 'Linhdt' Tran

I began playing CS 1.5 at local lan cafes and then quickly moved onto CS 1.6 where I spent most of my teenage years. I then began playing CS:GO in 2012. CS has been and will always be my whole life!
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Max 'Roguey' Ferfoglia

Australian Shoutcaster
Gears of War Sex Symbol
Low MMR Overwatch Streamer
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