Dark Sided Esports Podcast - Episode 1

Meet the Dark Sided management team in the first ever episode of the Dark Sided esports podcast!

Dark Sided Podcast Episode 001


Meet the Dark Sided Management team and learn about the aspirations of this fortnightly Australian Esports podcast while catching up on all things Dark Sided from the last two weeks!


  • Spud's amazing performance at Emerald City 6 and Genesis 5
  • Hacky and the new Heroes of the Storm boys first tournament under Dark Sided
  • On-going Gfinity participation, Somniac back to back
  • Overwatch roster changes and the Overwatch League
  • The new Dark Sided Rainbow 6 Siege roster
  • Welcoming Benji & Jas to our new Social Media team
  • Welcoming Destopiia to our Creative team
  • Whats next for Dark Sided Merch
  • Question Time