Introducing Dark Sided's OCS 2018 Roster

ocs 2018 announcement

Today we're finally announcing the rostered players for ViewSonic.Dark Sided


Callum's favourite Champion


Command's favourite Champion


Raven's favourite Champion

The League of Legends team will be competing in the Oceanic Challenger Series over the course of fourteen weeks starting this month. The Oceanic Challenger Series is a league for all up and coming players that are looking to make that push into the Oceanic Pro League.

All the action kicks off on the 10th of May, so be sure to get behind our team and see them compete for the first time under ViewSonic.Dark Sided.


Entering the Oceanic Challenger Series and the League of Legends ecosystem is a massive step for ViewSonic Dark Sided but I'm confident that with the help of Callum, Kai and the boys that we can show the local community the best of what Dark Sided has to offer and hopefully in turn become a part of that community.

Steve Andreou - Dark Sided Co-owner