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Dark Sided Departs From 3 Divisions

Today, we are disheartened to inform the public that ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be stepping away from Counter Strike, Rocket League, and Hearthstone for the immediate future.


First and foremost, these players. James, Noisia, Andy, Void, Sk, Hughesy, MrLego, Shadey, Express, Dumbo, and Enigma are some of the greatest blokes we’ve had throughout our time and by no means is there any animosity between ourselves and any of these players. We would also like to mention that we highly advocate these teams for any organisation looking to involve themselves and make a forceful presence.

To address this topic both wholistically and justly, our Founder and CEO Matthew Westphal has said a few words in response to these changes.

We’d also like to show gratitude to both the players and their respective communities for their continual support throughout our journey in these titles. Circumstances have shown that Dark Sided cannot currently be involved and we must appropriately take this moment to take a step back. We are thankful of your support and best wishes to all moving forward.


Dark Sided Rocket League Roster Update

ViewSonic.Dark Sided recently entered the professional Oceanic Rocket League scene picking up ex-JAM Gaming roster and attending the ESL AUNZ Championships LAN in November. Shortly after the LAN we sadly said goodbye to Montyconnor which left a hole in the roster heading into the off-season.

Today, ViewSonic.Dark Sided are very pleased to welcome Phillip 'Dumbo' Donachie to not only our Rocket League roster but our Dark Sided family!


We've only been in the Rocket League scene for a short time and it has been nothing but welcoming. Express and Shadey wanted to make this change moving into 2018 because they believe it is the best way forward for the team. Today we're welcoming Dumbo into the organisation with high hopes and they've already been kicking goals (sorry!) in the Gfinity Australia pre-season.

Steve Andreou - Dark Sided Co-owner

The official ViewSonic.Dark Sided Rocket League roster is as follows

Stay tuned to the ViewSonic.Dark Sided Twitter for more Rocket League content!

Dark Sided Welcomes Rocket League

Today, ViewSonic.Dark Sided expands into a brand new community for the very first time. We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition and signing of, the ex-JAM Gaming Rocket League roster. Today marks a humble new beginning for the players, and ViewSonic.Dark Sided


Dark Sided as a brand, has had an interest in investing into the Rocket League community for almost 1 year now. It’s one of the most entertaining esports titles I’ve seen, and after seeing the live PAX crowd in 2016, I fell in love with the community. We’ve been orchestrating our entrance into the space for quite some time, and I’m ecstatic that this opportunity final arose. I can’t wait to facilitate and enhance their performance in-game - and I have no doubt you’ll be seeing ViewSonic Dark Sided at RLCS next year.

Matt Westphal - Dark Sided CEO

We're really excited to be given the opportunity to join the Dark Sided organisation and cant wait to see what the future holds for the team.

Jonathan 'Express' Slade - Rocket League

The official ViewSonic.DarkSided Rocket League roster is as follows:

You can find the roster debuting under ViewSonic . Dark Sided this weekend at the ESL Australia studio for ESL AU & NZ Champs !