Dark Sided re-sign Smash Melee star Te Tuhi 'Spud' Kelly

ViewSonic.Dark Sided are very proud to announce that kiwi Smash Bros Superstar Te Tuhi 'Spud' Kelly will be re-siging for 2018!

Spud will be starting the new year off with a bang heading over to the United States to compete at Genesis V at the Oakland Convention Center in Oakland, California and Emerald City 6 at the University of Washington in Washington, Seattle.


Spud had a huge year in 2017 winning both Battle Arena Melbourne 9 and OzHadou Nationals 15 which are the two biggest tournament in the Australian fighting game calendar year.


Spud will have his work cut out for him at Genesis V and Emerald City 6, facing off with some of the biggest names in the game such as [A] Armada, Liquid Hungrybox, C9 Mang0, MVG FOX Mew2King, TSM RB Leffen & CLG.SFAT just to name a few.


Spud was an incredibly valuable addition to the Fighting Game roster for Dark Sided in 2017 and we're super excited to see him go back overseas and do some damage on the international stage. Spud has a big year ahead of him with hopefully more overseas opportunities but also back in Australia, by being in a position to be the Battle Arena Melbourne back to back Smash Melee champion, and become the first ever OzHadou Nationals Smash Melee three-peat champion.

Steve Andreou - Dark Sided Co-owner

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