Dark Sided Departs From 3 Divisions

Today, we are disheartened to inform the public that ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be stepping away from Counter Strike, Rocket League, and Hearthstone for the immediate future.


First and foremost, these players. James, Noisia, Andy, Void, Sk, Hughesy, MrLego, Shadey, Express, Dumbo, and Enigma are some of the greatest blokes we’ve had throughout our time and by no means is there any animosity between ourselves and any of these players. We would also like to mention that we highly advocate these teams for any organisation looking to involve themselves and make a forceful presence.

To address this topic both wholistically and justly, our Founder and CEO Matthew Westphal has said a few words in response to these changes.

We’d also like to show gratitude to both the players and their respective communities for their continual support throughout our journey in these titles. Circumstances have shown that Dark Sided cannot currently be involved and we must appropriately take this moment to take a step back. We are thankful of your support and best wishes to all moving forward.


Dark Sided enters Hearthstone

Today we're throwing it back, all the way back to ViewSonic.Dark Sided's humble beginnings in 2016 when we had a Hearthstone roster and a dream. A long time has passed since then and our Hearthstone roster has remained dormant... until this day...

Please welcome Kelson 'MrLego' Barber and Cameron 'Hughesy' Hughes to our new look Hearthstone roster!


Hearthstone has always been a game close to my heart. It was the very first game ViewSonic Dark Sided entered when we established ourselves as an esports organisation. Since then we've been looking for the right way to re-enter the hearthstone scene and we think we've found it with these boys.

Really looking forward to watching MrLego & Hughesy in all their future events and I wish them nothing but excellent top decks.

Max Ferfoglia - Dark Sided Founder/Co-owner


Max's favourite card


Deadline's favourite card


Steeb's favourite card


Be sure to catch MrLego in his debut performance at the WESG World Finals in Haikou, Hainan, China and Hughesy at HCT Bangkok later this month.