Sennheiser Partnership Renewal

It is with the greatest of pleasures that we honour our third year of partnership with Sennheiser. As the industry’s leading high-fidelity company, our players have been equipped with the best possible headsets and sound advantage possible. This has lead to their continual success and clinical performances over our two-year long partnership in 2017 & 2018.


At Dark Sided, we place a high value on working with partners who share our vision for the future of esports - and how that success criteria may look. By continuing our partnership with Sennheiser, not only have we created brand identity together, we'll be working with our players on creating exckusive products, and opportunities that meet their stringent standards.

We’re excited to have Sennheiser in our family and look forward to consulting with them to create new and exciting opportunities for our players. It's extremely apparent why their products are highly valued by professionals world-wide, and we couldn't be more excited to show the industry why.

Matthew Westphal - Dark Sided CEO & Founder

Dark Sided Management Team visiting the new Sennheiser head office in Sydney (Dec, 2018).

Dark Sided Management Team visiting the new Sennheiser head office in Sydney (Dec, 2018).

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You can catch our FGC squad rocking the Sennhesier GSP300's this weekend in Wollongong at Expand Gong 4.

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Dark Sided welcomes Social Media dynamic duo

Today, ViewSonic.Dark Sided is expanding its support staff and bringing on not one, but two Social Media experts to further drive the brand forward into 2018. We're very excited to welcome Jas and Benji to our management team.


ViewSonic . Dark Sided as a brand has had an amazing year of growth. Here are some high level statistics we've collected from our social media platforms from 2017.

ViewSonic Dark Sided have been looking for the perfect person to fill this role for a long time. It took a long while because we have a very specific vision for our brand and how we want to execute that vision. Finally we've been able to fill this role with two amazing specialists with whom we not only share a passion for esports, but also are capable of taking our vision and driving forward with it.

Steve Andreou - Dark Sided Co-owner

When the offer arised from Dark Sided that there was a position they wanted me to fill, I was kind of blown away. These guys have been working so hard on their brand and they have got it to a point where it is one of the strongest brands in this region, so for me; this opportunity is huge. I don't think that I could have taken this job on without my co-worker Jasmine though. She may be new to esports, but she is definitely a massive talent to watch out for. I can't wait to see how we form this brand as a team over 2018!

Benji - Dark Sided Marketing Expert

So please welcome Jas and Benji to the ViewSonic.Dark Sided and be sure to follow us on the social platforms mentioned above for more great esports content in 2018!