Dark Sided Departs From 3 Divisions

Today, we are disheartened to inform the public that ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be stepping away from Counter Strike, Rocket League, and Hearthstone for the immediate future.


First and foremost, these players. James, Noisia, Andy, Void, Sk, Hughesy, MrLego, Shadey, Express, Dumbo, and Enigma are some of the greatest blokes we’ve had throughout our time and by no means is there any animosity between ourselves and any of these players. We would also like to mention that we highly advocate these teams for any organisation looking to involve themselves and make a forceful presence.

To address this topic both wholistically and justly, our Founder and CEO Matthew Westphal has said a few words in response to these changes.

We’d also like to show gratitude to both the players and their respective communities for their continual support throughout our journey in these titles. Circumstances have shown that Dark Sided cannot currently be involved and we must appropriately take this moment to take a step back. We are thankful of your support and best wishes to all moving forward.


Dark Sided Announces CSGO Roster

It comes with great pleasure to announce ViewSonic.Dark Sided's resurgence into the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene with the acquisition of the team formerly known as ‘Knights’. With the Oceanic region reaching new heights in the form of leagues and tournaments such as the ESL AUNZ Championships & CyberGamer Pro League. The ViewSonic.Dark Sided CS:GO roster will be competing amongst the best in the region.


It’s been a steady few months without the involvement of Counter-Strike in our organisation however with our scene becoming more and more prevalent, not only locally but in an international viewpoint, it would silly to not involve ourselves.

Furthermore, a qualification into the ESL AU&NZ Championship has only reiterated to us that this team knows how to perform, and we look forward to further developing these boys in their new venture under ViewSonic Dark Sided.

Matt Cail - Dark Sided General Manager

The ViewSonic.Dark Sided Counter Strike Global Offensive roster is as follows:

  • James 'JAMES' Quinn
  • Cooper 'Void' Farrell
  • Georgio 'sK' Poumpoulidis
  • Andrew 'YDNA' Adams
  • Alec 'Noisia' Gulabovski

You can find the squad debuting their first performance in their new colours tonight for the CyberGamer Autumn 2018 at 9pm AEDT.

Dark Sided CS:GO Female Roster Update

First and foremost we’d like to congratulate the team on a 3rd place finish in Perth at the WPGI League Season 3 LAN Finals. The girls played their hearts out against Control Esports but were not the victors on the day, losing in a close overtime situation on the Mirage.


Unfortunately, now that the 3rd season of the WPGI League has concluded, the girls have decided to disband the current roster. This decision came about with Linhdt, Jsmai and Thaoiiees looking to take a short break from competitive Counter Strike. With this we sadly say goodbye to Bunny and Dashie who’ve chosen to look into other opportunities to continue playing Counter Strike during the WPGI off-season.

I couldn’t be more proud of how the girls this season, they faced quite a few trials this season in one form or another and to their credit, they persevered and managed to take out 3rd place at the tournament. It was great to be able to watch them do their thing and see how they interacted with the wider female CS community on the day. With that said, I’d like to thank the players each individually for their efforts this season.

Linhdt, I think that it's amazing that you've become quite the prominent figure both internally at Dark Sided through supporting other players and externally in the community for being a fierce competitor. Thanks again for all your hard work this year. It goes without saying that it's great having you a part of Dark Sided and I look forward to seeing you play again after your break.

Dashie, thanks for coming into the roster and helping out the org. We were put in a really tough spot and you really saved us while. Hopefully you enjoyed your time with Dark Sided, I know you were a bit skeptical about joining an org so hopefully we weren't too bad. It would be great to work with you again in the future so hopefully our paths cross again sooner rather than later.

Jsmai, Thank you for all the hard work you've put in this year during both WPGI seasons you competed in. You always go above and beyond when it comes to representing Dark Sided and we really can't thank you enough. Enjoy your overseas travels on your break!

Bunny, it was a pleasure working with you during your time at Dark Sided. You were presented with some really tough choices during the season and I was really impressed when you showed great maturity and professionalism in the way you went about making those choices. I wish you good luck and all the best with the rest of your Counter Strike career.

Thaoiiees, Thank you very much for being a part of the team this season, I heard that you were not so keen on playing in the league and that you committed a lot of your own time just to help out the team. Personally I think this is a super admirable and I hope that it wasn't too bad in the end. Good luck with your streaming adventures!

Steve Andreou - Dark Sided Co-Owner

ViewSonic.Dark Sided would like to thank the WPGI and GroundZero teams for their tireless work to put on the event and think that after some growing pains that the WPGI League has been a really positive influence on the Australian CSGO community. We’re extremely proud to say that we supported a great team that participated in two seasons of the WPGI League in 2017 and hope to continue doing so in 2018.

Zen Esports Network League Offline Qualifier Recap

Zen Esports Network League Offline Qualifier Recap

Over the weekend we saw a showcase of some of the strongest teams in the ANZ Region as they competed in the ZEN League Qualifiers at ESL Australia's studios in Sydney. Four teams in Legacy eSports, Team Immunity, Dark Sided and AVANT Garde battled it out for a chance to play in the $100,000 league, with two qualifying teams earning their spots in dominant fashion.