Dark Sided OCS welcomes Coach Kai & Manager Callum

After what has been a hectic month for ViewSonic.Dark Sided after the announcement of acquiring a Oceanic Challenger Series spot, we are pleased to announce that we are signing League of Legends staffing duo, Callum and Kai for 2018.


Callum has been around the Oceanic League of Legends scene for a long time now, helping in not only the OCS, but also the OPL as an analyst and last years Open Ladder as a coach. Callum will be filling the role of ViewSonic.Dark Sided's Manager and Analyst, which is an extremely vital role when it comes to the success of the team.

When I first heard Dark Sided were moving into League of Legends, I was very glad that that they would be finally venturing into the OCS. With Dark Sided being already established as an organisation, I only hope this would assist in the development of the OCS as a product for the future. As for my own ambitions, this will be my first management position. I had spent the most part of the last three and half years in a coaching capacity. That being said, regardless of my position, my ambition is always to assist in the team to win the competition.

Callum Matthews - Dark Sided Manager/Analyst


Kai is coming into this split to work alongside Callum as the team's Head Coach; handling all aspects of in game performance with the team. Kai coached last seasons Oceanic Challenger Series champions and we are incredibly excited to have him on board to share his expertise.

I’m extremely excited for the this split, as Dark Sided have been lovely to work with and share the same goals as myself. They are willing to work just as hard for it as well, which makes things even better! My goal for this split is to bring forth yet another first place finishing team as last split and pull them through the relegation stage. We have some extremely impactful players coming in, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Max Ferfoglia - Dark Sided Founder/Co-owner