Dark Sided Welcomes Heroes of the Storm

It is with great pleasure that today, Dark Sided announces their journey into the Heroes of the Storm scene with the official acquisition of the roster formerly known as 'Morton’s List'. With the Gamestah Blizzard ANZ HotS Season 3 just kicking off and the boys showing incredible promise defeating the region giants 'Nomia', now couldn't be a better time to welcome them to the team. Dark Sided are confident in the roster and look forward to supporting them in achieving their 2017 goals.

Dark Sided Heroes of the Storm (HotS) team

We caught up with the team's manager, Morton who gave us his thoughts moving further into 2017 with Dark Sided.

Having Dark Sided sponsor our former team 'Morton's List' is an exceptional opportunity not only for the team but for the entire ANZ community... The Heroes of the storm scene in Australia/New Zealand is seemingly unrecognisable relative to the main 4 regions who play but through the investment and recognition of esports organisations into the ANZ community, heroes in Australia/New Zealand will soon begin to flourish with support and maybe one day soon compete with the more developed regions on even playing field

Daniel 'Morton' Morton, Dark Sided HotS Manager

Please give a very warm welcome to Dark Sided's Heroes of the Storm roster!

Be sure to tune into their debut performance at 8pm AEST in the Gamestah Season 3 ANZ HGC Qualifiers via .

Dark Sided CS:GO Roster Acquisition

Dark Sided CS:GO Roster Acquisition

As of today Dark Sided embarks on their new journey into the Australian Counter-Strike scene with the official acquisition of the formerly known “Grinny Bankers” roster. With this lineup making tremendous waves within the oceanic region as of late, Dark Sided felt no better time than now to support the young and upcoming roster in reaching their goals for 2017.