Dark Sided Welcomes SliWill

We’re excited to share the news, that William ‘SliWill’ Slingsby, has joined our creative department. In doing so, he has been leading the charge with our new YouTube series ‘The Shadows’. Season 1 of The Shadows will available to watch at 6pm (AEST) on the ViewSonic.Dark Sided YouTube channel - Here.


SliWill has been a leader in the Oceanic esports region when it comes to delivery quality content, and coverage. I’m extremely proud to have him under our banner, where he’ll be delivering amazing content, but also be leading the charge for innovation and direction in our video department (alongside Fortune)

Matthew Westphal - Founder & CEO

Delivery quality content has been a goal of Dark Sided’s throughout 2018, and that doesn’t stop with the remaining 5 months. Everyone at the Dark Sided team is very eager to see SliWill’s work uncovered, and we hope everyone at home tunes into Season 1 of ‘The Shadows’ tomorrow night.

Give SliWill a follow - Here

Dark Sided Welcomes Fortnite

It’s a new adventure as today we’d like to announce our latest addition to the organisation, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fortnite! As one of the fiercest squads in the region, this team alongside its almost limitless skill ceiling, have displayed some of the best values imaginable and it is a great pleasure of ours to welcome them within our family.


The ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fotnite Roster is as follows:

  • Psyper
  • Moshy1
  • Valaxies
  • Hate
  • StyleZ

Not only can you expect to see these guys out on the field in the most intense competitions but also regularly engaging in casual play within the Fortnite playerbase on Twitch. It is also this reason why we see a natural fit between the roster and our organisation as we look to bring more eyes into the renowned title and nurture a close relationship with its fans.

Welcome, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fortnite.

Dark Sided Welcomes Baxter

Today, we’d like to officially welcome Sam Baxter to the FGC ring as our latest addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. Accompanying Falco for the remainder of this year and beyond, Baxter has shown his true class within the region by recently taking out this years’ BAM 10 in 1v1s and claiming the title of DBZ Champion.


We caught up with Baxter to see his thoughts on this exciting new journey:

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the team. I can't wait to take my skills and the opportunity provided by Dark Sided; competing in the DBFZ World Tour! The HAM is ready! Are you?

Baxter - Dragon Ball Fighter

Welcome to the shadows Baxter.


Dark Sided Overwatch Update

Back in May, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Overwatch competed in the inaugural season of Overwatch Contenders, securing themselves a spot at the LAN finals with an 18-2 record where they faced some of the best teams this region had to offer. Heading into the playoffs, the team were confident in their ability in taking the title. Unfortunately they were defeated in an incredibly tight set against the eventual champions the Sydney Drop Bears.


Coming into Season 2 of the Overwatch Contenders League, a few changes were made to the starting line up. The team decided that replacing USMC and Swilko whom had joined the roster for season one, with Yuki and Cantus respectively would give them the best opportunity to take our the competition.


ViewSonic.Dark Sided would like to thank USMC and Swilko for all their hard work during the first season of Overwatch Contenders and wish them the best of luck moving forward.

ViewSonic.Dark Sided would like to officially announce our Overwatch Contenders Season 2 lineup. The roster is as follows:

We got a few words from our General Manager, Matt Cail to see his thoughts on the recent change.

It’s suffice to say that I have strong hopes for the guys and the roster overall. I think it’s a collection of some of the greatest talent within this country and with the introduction of the Melbourne Esports Open at Rod Laver, acting as the playoffs to this next season, the guys are super eager to show Australia what they have to offer. Right now it’s a case of nailing down each step of the way till it’s end, and I’m excited to see how they make their start to the season.

Matt Cail - Dark Sided General Manager

Kicking off tomorrow at 12:00pm AEST, ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be squaring up against Masterminds for their first match of the season. Be sure to show your support through our socials and tune in on Overwatch Contenders Twitch.

Dark Sided Departs From 3 Divisions

Today, we are disheartened to inform the public that ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be stepping away from Counter Strike, Rocket League, and Hearthstone for the immediate future.


First and foremost, these players. James, Noisia, Andy, Void, Sk, Hughesy, MrLego, Shadey, Express, Dumbo, and Enigma are some of the greatest blokes we’ve had throughout our time and by no means is there any animosity between ourselves and any of these players. We would also like to mention that we highly advocate these teams for any organisation looking to involve themselves and make a forceful presence.

To address this topic both wholistically and justly, our Founder and CEO Matthew Westphal has said a few words in response to these changes.

We’d also like to show gratitude to both the players and their respective communities for their continual support throughout our journey in these titles. Circumstances have shown that Dark Sided cannot currently be involved and we must appropriately take this moment to take a step back. We are thankful of your support and best wishes to all moving forward.