Pre-Summit of Time Wazminator Interview

With Summit of Time just around the corning, we took the opportunity to sit down with our very own Wazminator. Gauging his overall thoughts of MK11, coming into ths event, and what it means to represent the region.

Mortal Kombat 11 has been out for some time but is still quite green in terms of tournament play and experimentation. How have you prepared for Summit in a esport title which has mostly been unexplored?

Preparing for Summit has been different to usual events considering how new the game is, usually when an event comes up it was for a game we have been playing for years so the preparation has definitely been different. This time around it's not only practicing like normal, its learning new characters, new mechanics, basically having to start from scratch in some aspects.

Although playing in both the MK11 Beta and Stress Test definitely helped coming into the game straight away, I've also spent a lot more time focusing on my mental game and health outside of the game, as I think it's a pretty huge part in competing at the highest level


From just an esports fan perspective, seeing a player like yourself going overseas to represent your nation is a huge deal. What does it mean to yourself and perhaps furthermore AU&NZ to have this kind of opportunity?

Getting an opportunity like this is a chance for us to show how strong our region is and that we are deserving of things like this, it is definitely one of the biggest reasons I love to travel overseas

Although a somewhat new game in the scope of current fighting game titles, there are plenty of seasoned experts of NRS to expect coming into this tournament. Is there any particular character or competitor that appears to you as your largest threat?

SonicFox is and always has been for so long the biggest threat at any NRS tournament, however I'm looking forward to play everybody and learn as much as I can from the experience

Be sure to catch Wazminator playing throughout the weekend, beginning at 3am AEST Saturday May 11th. Stay tuned to our socials for updates - Here.