Seagate Partnership Renewal

It is with great privilege that Dark Sided honours its third year of partnership with Seagate. As one of the world’s leading data storage companies, we know that our most critical files are kept safe and secure. Having this reliability has been instrumental in facilitating our players when traveling to events and ensuring that they have the most dependable set up at home.


I couldn’t be more thrilled to be afforded this opportunity in working with Seagate again. Our coherent values and motivations in the industry are among the many reasons why I cherish the relationship we have.

Moving forward we have many plans and initiatives ahead involving engaging with our players and fans. This is something we view as vital to the business and we couldn’t wish for a better partner in doing this.

Matt Cail - Dark Sided General Manager

Dark Sided look forward to yet another incredible year ahead and graciously thank Seagate for enabling us to provide our players with the opportunities they’ve always endeered - stay connected with them here