Somniac Re-signs for 2019

It comes with an enormous level of gratitude that we welcome Xavier “Somniac” Nardella for yet another year alongside Dark Sided. Somniac has been a staple part of Dark Sided’s identity since 2017 and as we continue to journey through the year, we are ensuring that the best player support is delivered.


One of my all-time favourite player relationships has been with Xavier and as it continues to grow, the support we provide does too. Solidifying this agreement has meant that us staff can continue to do what it is we love, and that’s supporting players with the best possible opportunities. Xavier has always been truly thankful for the support provided and as someone who has consistently performed across the region, it has been equally deserved.

Matt Cail - Dark Sided General Manager

Come catch Somniac and the Dark Sided family right now at Expand Gong 4, live coverage over on our Twitter - here.