Farewell Speca

It’s with a heavy heart that Dark Sided announces the departure of longtime Rainbow Six Siege player and dear friend Ryan “Speca” Ausden. During Speca’s time on Dark Sided he has not only helped shape our Rainbow 6 identity but also has brought bigger and better goals to the roster.

Ryan’s determination and strive to achieve the best during his tenure with Dark Sided has not gone unnoticed and we’re incredibly grateful for the time that we have had.

farewell speca.png

It’s been an absolute privilege to have worked with Ryan, watching him achieve goal after goal and still striving for more was truly inspiring for myself and the organisation. I really do see him growing a stronger mindset no matter what challenges he may face in the future.

Hayden Dunn - Operations and Management

Dark Sided wish Speca all the best in his future endeavours. Moving forward, the Dark Sided roster will continue to journey through competitions and tournaments whilst also assimilating this change to the team.