Dark Sided Welcomes Fortnite

It’s a new adventure as today we’d like to announce our latest addition to the organisation, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fortnite! As one of the fiercest squads in the region, this team alongside its almost limitless skill ceiling, have displayed some of the best values imaginable and it is a great pleasure of ours to welcome them within our family.


The ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fotnite Roster is as follows:

  • Psyper
  • Moshy1
  • Valaxies
  • Hate
  • StyleZ

Not only can you expect to see these guys out on the field in the most intense competitions but also regularly engaging in casual play within the Fortnite playerbase on Twitch. It is also this reason why we see a natural fit between the roster and our organisation as we look to bring more eyes into the renowned title and nurture a close relationship with its fans.

Welcome, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fortnite.