Dark Sided Welcomes SliWill

We’re excited to share the news, that William ‘SliWill’ Slingsby, has joined our creative department. In doing so, he has been leading the charge with our new YouTube series ‘The Shadows’. Season 1 of The Shadows will available to watch at 6pm (AEST) on the ViewSonic.Dark Sided YouTube channel - Here.


SliWill has been a leader in the Oceanic esports region when it comes to delivery quality content, and coverage. I’m extremely proud to have him under our banner, where he’ll be delivering amazing content, but also be leading the charge for innovation and direction in our video department (alongside Fortune)

Matthew Westphal - Founder & CEO

Delivery quality content has been a goal of Dark Sided’s throughout 2018, and that doesn’t stop with the remaining 5 months. Everyone at the Dark Sided team is very eager to see SliWill’s work uncovered, and we hope everyone at home tunes into Season 1 of ‘The Shadows’ tomorrow night.

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