Dark Sided Female CS:GO Roster Update

The Australian female CS:GO scene is a scene that ViewSonic.Dark Sided have been supporting for a while now and that commitment has not changed.


After the first season of the WPGI our original roster of Jsmai, Linhdt, Thaooo, Rapunzel, Sammiie, Peachy, Jess each decided to go their seperate ways, some taking a break from competitive Counter Strike while others moving on to explore other options. We'd like to thank the girls that competed under Dark Sided whom have since moved on.

Jsmai and Linhdt came to us with the idea of rebuilding the Dark Sided female CS:GO roster and while it wasn't smooth sailing to get everything in order we've very pleased to finally be able to field a new roster.

It is with great happiness that once again we will field a female team competing for ViewSonic.Dark Sided

We look forward to seeing what these talented players can achieve under ViewSonic.Dark Sided