Dark Sided partner with Plantronics Gaming

Although it may not have been the biggest secret as of late, we’re extremely excited to announce that Dark Sided has officially partnered with Plantronics Gaming for 2017 and beyond.

Dark Sided welcomes Plantronics Gaming to the family

“I’m a huge admirer of Plantronics, and the team behind the brand. Plantronics has been a staple brand in the Australian eSports scene for so many years. I remember them supporting an ACLPRO event back in Sydney 2012, when I still competed. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with a company that has this much passion for a community, and values the long term. With Dark Sided having heavy roots in the Fighting Game Community, and Plantronics being a large supporter of the local FGC, you’ll be seeing plenty of us together. Their work ethic is admirable, and so are our players – so we couldn’t be more thrilled to equip them with some of the highest quality products in the industry.”

-- Matthew ‘metapod’ Westphal, Founder & Owner of Dark Sided

Plantronics Gaming joins Dark Sided as our second official partner in 2017, following ZQRacing signing onto us back in January of this year. We would like to thank the team over at Plantronics and Double Jump Communications for their support and look forward to what the partnership can achieve this year.

Make sure to check out Plantronics Gaming over at their social media: