Dark Sided Launch SMITE Team

Dark Sided is pleased to announce their SMITE Roster that will be representing them in this years Oceanic SMITE Pro League.

Dark Sided SMITE team

Previously known as Daddy Daycare, the current roster of young guns in the form of Zakaryha, xShred, and Swifty as well as the battle-hardened smite veterans OnlyGoodAtSolo and Gruff coached by Switchbae immediately attracted the attention of Dark Sided with their recent impressive performances.

SMITE has always been a beloved interest of ours and within our first interaction with the Daddy Daycare roster we were instantly captivated by their welcoming attitudes and fierce competitive drive. By having regular competitive seasons with developer support as well as a fruitful and engaging community, it’s quite clear to see that this game is a legitimised eSport.

We’re all incredibly excited to take part in MOBA game’s next evolution and now with these boys under the wings of our organisation we so no reason not to be at the speartip of SMITE’s Oceanic Pro League.

-- Matthew “Metapod” Westphal, Dark Sided Founder & Co-owner


During this time we also caught up with Dark Sided's SMITE Coach, Alex “SwitchBae” Cascio to see his thoughts about this exciting new future.

“Being the hungry and passionate young team that we are, we really wanted a complementing organisation that could grow alongside us. After talking to a couple different people it was clear that Dark Sided was the way to go.

The management team is so determined to do everything they possibly can to make a team feel at home. In return, we will do everything we can to make the Dark Sided name a powerhouse in SMITE”

-- Alex “SwitchBae” Cascio, Dark Sided SMITE Coach


The official Dark Sided SMITE Roster is as follows:

  • (Captain) Alex “Gruff” Brown
  • Nick “Swifty” Thomason
  • Tyler “xShred” Hall
  • Sam “OnlyGoodAtSolo” Wouters
  • Zak “Zakaryha” Norman
  • (Sub) Max “TheBeast” Waters
  • (Coach) Alex “SwitchBae” Cascio

Be sure to tune into Dark Sided SMITE’s first OPL match at 6:00pm AEDT this Saturday - featured on www.twitch.tv/HiRezTV