Dark Sided FGC Roster Grows

With the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour announcements just around the corner and the recent announcement of BAM9 (Melbourne FGC Major tournament hosted by CouchWarrors) there is no better time than now to announce that Dark Sided will be very happily re-signing both Australian SFV stars Adric 'Falco' Middleton and Duong 'ZG' Nguyen for the 2017 CPT season along with Australian FGC veteran Xavier 'Somniac' Nardella.

It’s been a pretty wild journey with Dark Sided these past 8 months. I am incredibly fond of the relationships and growth that has organically grown thus far. Some of the core reasons why I love this team is the strong sense of support, work ethic and comradeship that everyone within the organization shares and enjoys.

I am thrilled to announce my renewed partnership with Dark Sided coming into 2017. Couldn't be prouder to represent an org with so much unwavering vision, passion & belief in our local scene. With the addition of one of my fiercest rival and friend Somniac, I’m excited to see the strong reputation and momentum that we have built for ourselves from fighting on the world stage in 2016 continue to grow and prosper..

Duong 'ZG' Nguyen, Dark Sided Fighting Game Player

Somniac has an impressive history of placings at both local and international major tournaments and recently has been a dominate force during the first season of Street Fighter V.

We're very excited to have Somniac join ZG, Falco and Wazminator on the Dark Sided FGC roster for the Australia Fighting Game tournament circuit in 2017.

Steve 'PyroZeroX' Andreou, Dark Sided Fighting Game Manager

Dark Sided Fighting Game Players (left to right): Falco, Somniac, ZG

Dark Sided Fighting Game Players (left to right): Falco, Somniac, ZG

Somniac will be making his first appearance under the Dark Sided FGC team at 'Stay Sharp' which is a grass roots, high calibre round robin tournament being held next weekend in Melbourne, Australia. You can also catch Somniac in action alongside ZG each month at the CouchWarriors Monthly Ranking Battles.