Website launch

With 2016 now to a close, Dark Sided are making efforts to ensure that 2017 starts off well and what better way to do so then the launch of Dark Sided’s official website

Dark Sided - Australia's professional esports organisation

Coming into the new year Dark Sided’s website will now be the main platform for news regarding roster updates, sponsorships and events. This of course will be provided along side many other fantastic features such as team profiles, media coverage and the history of Dark Sided as an organisation.


Dark Sided as an organisation has been a crazy journey for us in 2016, with many great moments. Coming into 2017 we’re looking to make an even greater impact in the scene and this first step is the way to do it.

With the addition of the Dark Sided website we are now able to convey our movements in a professional and pleasant manner in which all fans can enjoy - Here’s to an incredible year of eSports!

Metapod, Dark Sided Owner & Founder


2017 is going to be a huge year for everyone at Dark Sided - for both players and fans - so be sure to keep up with all of our on-goings via our social media: