Dark Sided Partners with Sennheiser

We've super excited to finally announce our newest brand partnership with audio revolutionisers Sennheiser! Sennheiser are committed to delivering highly optimised sound and build quailty to their customers in the music, home entertainment and esports industry alike and we're very excited to be a part of that drive.


At ViewSonic Dark Sided, we place a high value on selecting partners that not only want to support our teams, but share our vision for the future of competitive gaming. By partnering with Sennheiser, not only can we help their brand establish a foothold in Australian Esports, but also secure ViewSonic Dark Sided an audio partner that is eager to work with our players on creating opportunities that meet their stringent standards.

We’re excited to have Sennheiser join our family of sponsors and look forward to consulting with them to create new and exciting opportunities for our players. It's extremely apparent why their products are highly valued by professionals world-wise, and we couldn't be more excited to bring that to our players

Matt Westphal - Dark Sided CEO




You can catch our Counter Strike Global Offensive squad rocking the Sennhesier Game Zero s this weekend in Adelaide at the Australian Esports Masters .

As always stay tuned to our social channels for the latest on ViewSonic.Dark Sided !

Dark Sided CS:GO Roster Update

Since July ViewSonic.Dark Sided has been absent for the professional Australian Counter Strike scene but today marks our return to the scene with a new look roster!


We've had our eyes on these Raccoons for a considerable amount of time now. Even with our prior roster, they were making some noticeable waves with their performances. At such young ages, I can't wait to help facilitate their performance more

Matt Westphal - Dark Sided CEO

The official ViewSonic.Dark Sided Counter Strike Global Offensive roster is as follows

The roster will be debuting tonight in the CyberGamer Pro League at 9pm AEST. Please tune in and get behind the boys where they will be taking on Chiefs Esports Club.

Stay tuned to the ViewSonic.Dark Sided Twitter for more Counter Strike content!

Dark Sided Enters Overwatch

As we strap ourselves in ready for September, ViewSonic.Dark Sided is pleased to announce its roster expansion into the Overwatch scene!


Since June this year the region has seen a revitalisation in this roster, and as the weeks have progressed Dark Sided has kept a close eye; noticing immense improvements. In light of this, Matt Cail shares his perspective.

It has been long few weeks as of late at the Dark Sided ranch however being able to work with more and more exciting and esport passionate people really makes the journey all the more rewarding. Our Overwatch expansion is no exception and has been on our radar for quite some time - We believe we’ve found the right people to bring into our family.

Matt 'vDeadline' Cail - Dark Sided General Manager

The official ViewSonic.Dark Sided is as follows

Coming up next week ViewSonic.Dark Sided Overwatch will be debuting their lineup alongside their new found home in the ESL Overwatch Open Division Season 2. Following season 1 the team is intent on showcasing their prowess on Tuesday September 5th. Be tuned in to the ViewSonic.Dark Sided Twitter for all our ongoings HERE.

Heroes of the Storm Roster Update

As we move into the final season of Blizzard ANZ Heroes Global Championship for 2017, ViewSonic.Dark Sided would like to announce the addition of Robert 'robadobah' Purling to our Heroes of the Storm roster.


Rob has had an impressive career featuring multiple international LAN events, representing Australia and New Zealand against the best teams in the world. Rob will be playing the offlane role, which will be new ground for him, but we believe that with his wealth of competitive experience, the transition to a new role will be a very smooth process for him. ViewSonic.Dark Sided are very excited to have such an experienced and dedicated player joining the roster.

The boys and I can’t wait to compete in the upcoming HGC season with the addition of such an accomplished player, Rob has dominated ANZ HotS for over 2 years now and has competed in every international event where ANZ has competed. We look to continue Rob’s legacy by winning the upcoming season and competing at Blizzcon with the best teams in the world. There are many good teams to look out for this season, so we will need to work extra hard to make sure we have what it takes to win season 4.

Daniel 'Morton' Morton - Dark Sided HotS Manager

The boys will be competing in the Blizzard ANZ Season 4 Qualifiers presented by Gamestah, where they will compete over 4 weeks for a spot in the Sydney LAN finals on 30th September.

Dark Sided Female CS:GO Roster Update

The Australian female CS:GO scene is a scene that ViewSonic.Dark Sided have been supporting for a while now and that commitment has not changed.


After the first season of the WPGI our original roster of Jsmai, Linhdt, Thaooo, Rapunzel, Sammiie, Peachy, Jess each decided to go their seperate ways, some taking a break from competitive Counter Strike while others moving on to explore other options. We'd like to thank the girls that competed under Dark Sided whom have since moved on.

Jsmai and Linhdt came to us with the idea of rebuilding the Dark Sided female CS:GO roster and while it wasn't smooth sailing to get everything in order we've very pleased to finally be able to field a new roster.

It is with great happiness that once again we will field a female team competing for ViewSonic.Dark Sided

We look forward to seeing what these talented players can achieve under ViewSonic.Dark Sided