Heroes of the Storm Roster Update

As we move into the final season of Blizzard ANZ Heroes Global Championship for 2017, ViewSonic.Dark Sided would like to announce the addition of Robert 'robadobah' Purling to our Heroes of the Storm roster.


Rob has had an impressive career featuring multiple international LAN events, representing Australia and New Zealand against the best teams in the world. Rob will be playing the offlane role, which will be new ground for him, but we believe that with his wealth of competitive experience, the transition to a new role will be a very smooth process for him. ViewSonic.Dark Sided are very excited to have such an experienced and dedicated player joining the roster.

The boys and I can’t wait to compete in the upcoming HGC season with the addition of such an accomplished player, Rob has dominated ANZ HotS for over 2 years now and has competed in every international event where ANZ has competed. We look to continue Rob’s legacy by winning the upcoming season and competing at Blizzcon with the best teams in the world. There are many good teams to look out for this season, so we will need to work extra hard to make sure we have what it takes to win season 4.

Daniel 'Morton' Morton - Dark Sided HotS Manager

The boys will be competing in the Blizzard ANZ Season 4 Qualifiers presented by Gamestah, where they will compete over 4 weeks for a spot in the Sydney LAN finals on 30th September.

Dark Sided Female CS:GO Roster Update

The Australian female CS:GO scene is a scene that ViewSonic.Dark Sided have been supporting for a while now and that commitment has not changed.


After the first season of the WPGI our original roster of Jsmai, Linhdt, Thaooo, Rapunzel, Sammiie, Peachy, Jess each decided to go their seperate ways, some taking a break from competitive Counter Strike while others moving on to explore other options. We'd like to thank the girls that competed under Dark Sided whom have since moved on.

Jsmai and Linhdt came to us with the idea of rebuilding the Dark Sided female CS:GO roster and while it wasn't smooth sailing to get everything in order we've very pleased to finally be able to field a new roster.

It is with great happiness that once again we will field a female team competing for ViewSonic.Dark Sided

We look forward to seeing what these talented players can achieve under ViewSonic.Dark Sided

Dark Sided Welcomes Naysy!

We’re proud to share with you that ViewSonic.Dark Sided is expanding it’s streaming roster with popular Australian streamer Naysy!


ViewSonic.Dark Sided have been on the search for a streamer who really identified with our vision and believe that Naysy is the perfect fit for our team. We hope that this partnership will help The Purple Nation rise to new heights and conquer Twitch!

You can join The Purple Nation and catch Naysy on Twitch


ViewSonic Title Sponsorship

Over the past 6 months ViewSonic have been supporting Dark Sided players to help them achieve success in Australian Esports. As of today, we're taking that partnership to the next level.

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new title sponsorship with ViewSonic!

Dark Sided is one of the most recognized gaming organisations in Australia, and we are excited to expand on our partnership. As a global display brand with roots in the Australian gaming community, ViewSonic’s title sponsorship of Dark Sided solidifies our commitment to the local gaming scene and demonstrates our aspiration to be a leader in the gaming monitor market

Josh Edwards - Sales and Marketing Manager of ViewSonic Australia

At the end of August, Dark Sided’s Street Fighter V roster will journey to Hong Kong for their Capcom Pro Tour Premier event, where they’ll face off with some of the best international players in the world for coveted Pro Tour points.

Next month in September, the entire FGC team (inclusive of Spud and Waz) will be attending Australian FGC Major, Ozhadou Nationals (OHN15) in Sydney, where they’ll be looking to reciprocate their May success at Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM9) in Melbourne. Both these huge Australian FGC events were proudly sponsored by ViewSonic ANZ.

Working with ViewSonic has been an absolute dream thus far. I can’t truly explain the joy I feel presenting this announcement to the public, I can confidently say that it’s a culmination of efforts from Josh, our players, and the endless effort from our management team.

ViewSonic sponsored OHN14 last year, which was our first FGC event. When I saw how passionate the Aus FGC was towards ViewSonic and Dark Sided, for both supporting the FGC in respective ways, I knew I wanted to work with the brand. Dark Sided is definitely going to cause some damage in this year to come, and we couldn’t ask for a more supportive company to be along side us. I know for a fact that everyone under Dark Sided is looking forward to continuing a bright future with ViewSonic, and that working with a leader in gaming monitors will provide the support network we need to thrive ever more

Matthew Westphal - CEO and Founder of Dark Sided


You might have heard the phrase "when it rains, it pours". Well, sometimes it's true; As of late last week we have part ways with our SMITE roster. Under Dark Sided, the core roster participated in the IEM Sydney SMITE Invitational, survived the brutal Smite OPL gauntlet, and placed 3rd at the Smite OPL Season 4 Split 2 LAN Finals. The roster have decided that it is time to move on, each going their separate ways to follow personal developments whether it be education or potential employment.

Dark Sided SMITE team

Dark Sided would like to thank the boys for everything they've achieved under the organisation and wish them the best of luck with each of the personal journeys in the future.

  • Alex 'Gruff' Brown
  • Riki 'Yada' Wellington
  • Dylan 'Laney' Lane
  • Zak 'Zakaryha' Norman
  • Max 'TheBeast' Waters
Dark Sided SMITE team featuring Viewsonic monitor
Dark Sided SMITE team
Dark Sided SMITE team
Dark Sided SMITE team

Photos courtesy of CyberGamer Australia and Brennan Snodgrass