Dark Sided enters Hearthstone

Today we're throwing it back, all the way back to ViewSonic.Dark Sided's humble beginnings in 2016 when we had a Hearthstone roster and a dream. A long time has passed since then and our Hearthstone roster has remained dormant... until this day...

Please welcome Kelson 'MrLego' Barber and Cameron 'Hughesy' Hughes to our new look Hearthstone roster!


Hearthstone has always been a game close to my heart. It was the very first game ViewSonic Dark Sided entered when we established ourselves as an esports organisation. Since then we've been looking for the right way to re-enter the hearthstone scene and we think we've found it with these boys.

Really looking forward to watching MrLego & Hughesy in all their future events and I wish them nothing but excellent top decks.

Max Ferfoglia - Dark Sided Founder/Co-owner


Max's favourite card


Deadline's favourite card


Steeb's favourite card


Be sure to catch MrLego in his debut performance at the WESG World Finals in Haikou, Hainan, China and Hughesy at HCT Bangkok later this month.


Waz re-signs with Dark Sided for 2018

Good news everyone! Everyone's favourite Simpsons loving, Injustice 2 playing, Catwoman maining, Australian FGC celebrity Waz has re-signed with ViewSonic.Dark Sided for 2018!


Waz has an absolutely huge year ahead of him coming off the back of an equally huge year last year as he prepares to take on some of the best Injustice 2 players in the world at Combo Breaker and EVO 2018.

We're very glad to have Waz re-sign with Dark Sided for 2018. He had such an incredible year last year with some really great moments which saw him become the strongest NRS fighter in Australia. Very keen to see him fulfil his dreams of taking on the world and hopefully defending his Battle Arena Melbourne title too!

Steve Andreou - Dark Sided Co-owner


Be sure to check out Waz's Twitch stream where you can catch him practicing Injustice 2, training for the Gfinity Australia Street Fighter V league or just playing some Fortnite with the boys

Stay tuned in to the ViewSonic.Dark Sided Twitter for more!

Dark Sided enters the League of Legends Oceanic Challenger Series

After what has been massive start to the year for ViewSonic.Dark Sided you might think, what is next? Well, don't we have a treat for you. Today we're officially adding League of Legends to our ranks by entering the Oceanic Challenger Series!


With Riot Games announcing structural changes, there is no better time to enter the league. It has always been a dream for ViewSonic.Dark Sided to move into a position where it can field players on Summoners Rift and share a love for esports with the League of Legends community. Finally that dream is coming true.

I'm so glad that we can announce our entrance into League of Legends, today. This has been a work-in-progress for over 12 months, and now we're finally here. This is a #DSWIN. The future looks astonishing with Riot Games' support - and I can't wait to immerse myself within the culture they've created here in Oceania.

Matthew Westphal - Dark Sided CEO


Steeb's favourite champion


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Westy's favourite champion


In the coming weeks ViewSonic.Dark Sided will be revealing more information around players, coaching and team management staff so stay tuned in to the ViewSonic.Dark Sided Twitter for more!

Dark Sided Announces CSGO Roster

It comes with great pleasure to announce ViewSonic.Dark Sided's resurgence into the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene with the acquisition of the team formerly known as ‘Knights’. With the Oceanic region reaching new heights in the form of leagues and tournaments such as the ESL AUNZ Championships & CyberGamer Pro League. The ViewSonic.Dark Sided CS:GO roster will be competing amongst the best in the region.


It’s been a steady few months without the involvement of Counter-Strike in our organisation however with our scene becoming more and more prevalent, not only locally but in an international viewpoint, it would silly to not involve ourselves.

Furthermore, a qualification into the ESL AU&NZ Championship has only reiterated to us that this team knows how to perform, and we look forward to further developing these boys in their new venture under ViewSonic Dark Sided.

Matt Cail - Dark Sided General Manager

The ViewSonic.Dark Sided Counter Strike Global Offensive roster is as follows:

  • James 'JAMES' Quinn
  • Cooper 'Void' Farrell
  • Georgio 'sK' Poumpoulidis
  • Andrew 'YDNA' Adams
  • Alec 'Noisia' Gulabovski

You can find the squad debuting their first performance in their new colours tonight for the CyberGamer Autumn 2018 at 9pm AEDT.

Dark Sided Partners with AMD

Today it comes with great pleasure to officially announce ViewSonic.Dark Sided's latest partnership with computer hardware giant AMD!

AMD's continuous involvement within the Australian esports industry is among the best and we're very excited to be able to help them take that involvement to new heights.


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a leading computer hardware company that specialises in processor technology. As an esports organisation, ViewSonic.Dark Sided rely on the best possible performance from our computers and in partnership with AMD, ViewSonic.Dark Sided can consistently enable its players to reach the top of their game.

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce and share this partnership with the public. It’s one we’ve been working on for almost 6 months now, and I’m very proud to see it in fruition! AMD has always been a staple brand in the ANZ esports industry - and I’m confident we’ll all see some amazing work together. The brand itself fits perfectly in our current line of sponsors, so it’s safe to assume they’re right at home here.

Matt Westphal - Dark Sided CEO

To learn more about AMD and connect with them, check out their platforms:

We look forward to continuing our journey into 2018 and sharing what the future holds with AMD & ViewSonic.Dark Sided