Departure of Vir7ue & Qutee

After an incredible PAX experience, we bid farewell to two pinnacle players from our Rainbow Six Siege roster; Cutie and Virtue. As one of Dark Sided’s longest standing squads, Cutie and Virtue’s tenure within the team has had a resounding impact on Dark Sided. However due to the shifting changes in Rainbow 6 and the nature of off-season periods, Cutie and Virtue will no longer be continuing with the current competing roster.


We wish Cutie and Virtue all the best in their future endeavours. As for the current roster, the team will look to restructure in preparation for its next season. After many accounts of brilliance displayed throughout the Rainbow Six Masters tournament, the roster is confident in maintaining it's high placings and furthermore perhaps bring a dominating presence to the scene.


Farewell Overwatch

As per the conclusion of Melbourne Esports Open last weekend, we now bid farewell to our current Overwatch division. It is with a heavy heart that this journey comes to an end however with a tremendous performance displayed on the grand stage, we have been extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to partake in such a prestigious event.


Dark Sided Overwatch has had a strong impact since the inception of contenders within Australia, lasting from the beginning of 2017 to the more recent Melbourne Esports Open. Whilst we encourage our teams’ competitive performances, player’s priorities in Dark Sided always come first. We’d like to thank them for our voyage together as they now look to take separate paths and seek new opportunities as individuals.

We say farewell to:

  • Molotov
  • Mooney
  • Termo
  • Punk
  • Yuki
  • Cantus
  • JohnGalt
  • Project

As we part from the Overwatch roster, we would like to personally thank all the players who dedicated their time and effort into making this roster truly incredible. We would also like to thank all the fans who showed up in large numbers during the Melbourne Esports Open and made the grand finals a truly special moment in history for our country and this organisation.

All previous Dark Sided Overwatch members are now free of their organisational obligations and are free agents of the scene.


Dark Sided Welcomes SliWill

We’re excited to share the news, that William ‘SliWill’ Slingsby, has joined our creative department. In doing so, he has been leading the charge with our new YouTube series ‘The Shadows’. Season 1 of The Shadows will available to watch at 6pm (AEST) on the ViewSonic.Dark Sided YouTube channel - Here.


SliWill has been a leader in the Oceanic esports region when it comes to delivery quality content, and coverage. I’m extremely proud to have him under our banner, where he’ll be delivering amazing content, but also be leading the charge for innovation and direction in our video department (alongside Fortune)

Matthew Westphal - Founder & CEO

Delivery quality content has been a goal of Dark Sided’s throughout 2018, and that doesn’t stop with the remaining 5 months. Everyone at the Dark Sided team is very eager to see SliWill’s work uncovered, and we hope everyone at home tunes into Season 1 of ‘The Shadows’ tomorrow night.

Give SliWill a follow - Here

Dark Sided Welcomes Fortnite

It’s a new adventure as today we’d like to announce our latest addition to the organisation, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fortnite! As one of the fiercest squads in the region, this team alongside its almost limitless skill ceiling, have displayed some of the best values imaginable and it is a great pleasure of ours to welcome them within our family.


The ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fotnite Roster is as follows:

  • Psyper
  • Moshy1
  • Valaxies
  • Hate
  • StyleZ

Not only can you expect to see these guys out on the field in the most intense competitions but also regularly engaging in casual play within the Fortnite playerbase on Twitch. It is also this reason why we see a natural fit between the roster and our organisation as we look to bring more eyes into the renowned title and nurture a close relationship with its fans.

Welcome, ViewSonic.Dark Sided Fortnite.

Dark Sided Welcomes Baxter

Today, we’d like to officially welcome Sam Baxter to the FGC ring as our latest addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. Accompanying Falco for the remainder of this year and beyond, Baxter has shown his true class within the region by recently taking out this years’ BAM 10 in 1v1s and claiming the title of DBZ Champion.


We caught up with Baxter to see his thoughts on this exciting new journey:

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the team. I can't wait to take my skills and the opportunity provided by Dark Sided; competing in the DBFZ World Tour! The HAM is ready! Are you?

Baxter - Dragon Ball Fighter

Welcome to the shadows Baxter.