Originally founded in 2009 competing as one of Australia’s best Gears Of War teams – in 2016 Dark Sided was reborn as an e-Sports Organization by former professional players with an aim to support and build our expanding scene. Housing teams and players across titles such as Street Fighter, Counter-Strike, Gears of War and Halo – our two goals as an organization is to provide Player Development and Player Opportunity.


As an organization we have already shown strong LAN attendance – being invited to ESL Studios for Halo and Hearthstone while competing at every Capcom Pro Tour event in Australia. In Dark Sided’s first 6 months we have also made an imprint on international territory – seeing players compete in New Zealand, Singapore and the United States


Counter Strike Global Offensive

Dark Sided's involvement in the Australian Counter Strike community officially started in 2016 by fielding their first roster for the CyberGamer Pro League (Season 9). After a rocky first campaign and multiple qualifier showings (ASUS ROG Masters and the EB Games Expo 2016 Tournament) Dark Sided added a ladies line-up which was featured in the first ever Australian Womens Professional Invitational hosted by Peanut Gallery. Since then Dark Sided has seen many changes to its CS:GO squads but one thing remains certain, a very bright outlook on 2017.


Dark Sided's history in the Australian Fighting Game Community started in 2016 by adding Zgnoud & Falco to the roster with Stupendous soon after. Since then the Dark Sided Fighting Game team has participated in Capcom Pro Tour ranking events all over the world such as OzHadou Nationals, Battle Arena Melbourne, South East Asia Major and the one and only Evolution.